Need Any Custom Work?

Everything I braid is custom-made. If you'd like me to make something for you, just give me some idea of what you are looking for. Please be as specific as possible about what you'd like me to make so I can better figure out how long it'll take me to make it. The wait time for custom rawhide gear is dependent on what it is you'd like. While braided pens and rawhide jewelry are usually available more quickly, something like a set of 16 plait Santa Ynez romal reins or a 24 Plait Bosal can take more time. We can discuss the pricing of an item when I know what you'd like me to do for you. I appreciate your interest in my work. Thanks!

Note: No workshops through this summer but I will start back up in August so schedule soon!

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You can give me a call in my shop (254) 717-7335 or email me directly.

Learn Rawhide Braiding

If you have the patience to braid rawhide, and you want to learn more about it? Leland can save you so much time in your pursuits and teach you how to do things the correct way.

Donnie Chulufas, Archie. MO.

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